Conversations are effective, when messages are delivered, without LOAD.  LOAD is defined as the baggage we bring to conversations, including unwarranted assumptions and previous experience.  In business, we often fail to have conversations which are needed.  We need to remember that there is power in each conversation to take us toward or away from our goals.

Business is fundamentally an extended conversation…with associates, clients and partners.  Any one conversation can be the one to change the trajectory of a sale, career or company.  Everyone must have conversations that question reality, provoke knowing, embarace tough challenges and enrich partnerships.

Effective conversations develop clarity, as they help us consider all aspects of topics, enable best possible decisions for all parties and encourage agreements which provide win-win scenarios.

Often we fail to address real issures, because of un-discussable subjects, which we feel need to be avoided, at all costs, to preserve a modicum of peace. We need to come out from behind ourselves and make conversations real.  When conversations are real, change occurs even before the conversations have ended.