Functional English

Enabling Intelligible American Vernacular Communicability

Individuals speaking a vernacular dialect of the English language, other that the American, experience difficulty in being understood by the American “ear.”  There are a number of factors, including basic speech construction, grammar, syntax and articulation which differentiate their delivery and cause a practical dysfunction.  the dysfunction places them at a decided disadvantage and, if not rectified, inhibits the building of effective business relationships.

The solution for the non-American dialect speaker is a program of assimilation and clarity available from the FULL VOICE Vocal Communication Method.

The student will come away from the training with skills and techniques which can be put to use immediately:

  • to find correct pitch.
  • to enhance vocal resonance, sufficiently, to be heard and understood.
  • to acquire and effective vocal exercise regimen, to strengthen delivery.
  • to slow down the stream of conversation, to allow listeners to assimilate what is being said.
  • to control veernacular pronunciation peculiarities to allow for greater intelligibility.
  • to improve articulation of American vowels and consonants.
  • to express American linguistic constructions, for better acceptance of ideas.
  • to adjust one’s language ear, to better understand what the American dialect speakers are saying.
  • to trust one’s awareness to provide the words, to make possible unscripted presentations and conversations.

Enabling American Vernacular Communicability

Individuals for whom English is a second language learn to speak English, functionally. In other words, they learn basic speech construction, grammar and syntax. Colloquialisms and idiomatic forms are not usually well-developed and, therefore, remain foreign to them. It is this fact that creates so many communication problems, when they deal with U.S. nationals who speak an American dialect of the English language. And, the problems are compounded, when Americans add their regional speech patterns.

This puts both conversants at a decided disadvantage and, if not rectified, will prevent the building of the working relationship which is basic to any successful relationship.

The solution in every case is for the U.S. national to learn to speak FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH©. And the proven techniques of the FULL VOICE™ Vocal Communication Method are available to help you and your foreign national associates  do business, more easily.


  • To develop the basic speech patterns to transcend your normal American dialect.
  • To express yourself in meaningfully functional statements, so you’ll be more easily understood.
  • To develop an ear for the Asian and European phrasing patterns foreign nationals use in speaking FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH©, so you’ll hear and understand more quickly.
  • To increase your self confidence on the phone, one-to-one with and in front of groups of foreign nationals.
  • To get to the relationship before you lose the sale.