Coach’s Communication Skill Management

Instant Credibility for the Professional Coach ©

Too often, coaches find themselves ill-prepared for public speaking. This is because the bulk of coach training is spent on one-to-one communication skill development. It is through this skill set that coaches recruit, teach and develop athletes’ “play-ability.”

However, coach communication with groups and media relations become big parts of the job as coaches ascend the ladders of success. And, while it is true that an individual’s personality and comfort level are important, effective coach communication is learned as a result of professional vocal communication training. The keys to successful presentation are using a properly-pitched voice; speaking in information bytes; projecting powerfully; listening non-judgmentally; speaking in “no uncertain terms”; moving physically in sync with your mind; and trusting your Awareness to give you the words. All of these, together, produce an authentic presentation in coach communication.

And, with so many sports-related companies and organizations looking for spokespersons, coaches must be able to present themselves at every opportunity. By sounding like you know what you’re saying, you can set yourself apart from the crowd and develop commercial possibilities and future career opportunities, to enhance your standards of living.

This coach communication training is available for you, today, from the FULL VOICE™ Vocal Performance Method©.

You’ll come away with skills and insights you can put to use, immediately:

  • to find your voice’s clear channel to other people.
  • to enhance your personal brand image, so people will take you more seriously.
  • to direct your eye contact, effectively, so listeners will know you are talking to them.
  • to enhance interviewing skills, so you’ll be able to listen non-judgmentally and be able to respond appropriately.
  • to bring your physical movements into sync with your mind, so you’ll appear together.
  • to express yourself in meaningful statements, so you’ll be understood the first time, more often.
  • and, to trust your Awareness to give you the words, so you can unscript your conversations and presentations and act more authentically.

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