Conflict Resolution

Finding the Middle Ground in Conflict ©

Conflict is a daily occurrence in the life or any organization. Anger Management and Conflict Resolution is, therefore, an important skill set for each employee. Whether the situation is member services, employee relationships or media relations, communicating understanding and genuine concern (while maintaining self-control) are keys to alleviating the tension that accompanies any conflict.

Today, you’ll be learning proven techniques in conflict resolution from one of the area’s most effective conflict managers. Garrett Gardner is the founder and president of Full Voice™, a vocal communication improvement firm in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Gardner is a mediator with certifications in business, family, and divorce conflict resolution.

You’ll come away from the seminar with effective techniques you can put to use, immediately:

  • to find your professional, effective voice, so your listeners will hear your confidence and control.
  • to enhance your interviewing skills, so you’ll be able to listen non-judgmentally and find out the real reasons for conflicts and the hidden agendas of the participants.
  • to express yourself in meaningful statements, so you’ll be understood the first time, more often.
  • to trust your mind to give you the words, so you can unscript your conversations and act more authentically.
  • And, to understand the concepts of Balance, Mediation, Conflict Avoidance, Crisis Management and Negotiation and their applications to independent occurrences.