Most of us have too much to say, because we think our listeners need a whole lot more information than they actually do to make decisions.  In reality, the points we’re trying to get across can get lost in the details, because there is an information overload competing for attention.  Please remember, each listener is already wrapped-up in an agenda.

So you’re much better off to concise your content into three elements that will be easy for the listeners to remember.  For example, whenever I talk about Speaking, I present three(3) things I want you to consider: the Introduction, the Salient Points of the argument and the Conclusion.

The Introduction sets the stage for the argument, by getting the listeners to engage.  The Salient Points lay out the “proof” for the argument.  And, the Conclusion asks for the “sale.”

I’ve designed the FULL VOICE Template for Speaking for just this purpose.  It’s easy to follow and apply to any speaking situation.  Come in for your FREE HOUR of vocal consultation and I’ll explain it to you.  I’ll guarantee it will help you have more success in getting people to listen to you, take you seriouslly and get them to take the actions you want.

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